Fisherman's Market illustration of a King Chinook Salmon

chinook (King) salmon

Royalty of the Rivers, Flavor on Your Plate

Fisherman's Market Monger Adrian holding whole Oregon Troll Chinook Salmon

There’s No Nookie Like Chinook!

The Chinook salmon is the largest of the Pacific salmon species and can grow significantly larger than other salmon types, reaching lengths of up to 3.5 feet and upwards of 50 pound (10–25 pounds is more common). Their substantial size and regal appearance sets them apart and earns them the moniker “King.” Chinook Salmon is also Oregon’s state fish.

When Chinook Salmon return to freshwater to spawn, their appearance changes dramatically. Males develop a distinctively hooked jaw known as a “kype,” and their coloration becomes more vibrant and striking. These physical changes, along with their impressive size, give them an appearance that’s often associated with royalty, hence the term “King Salmon.”

The name “King Salmon” also reflects the cultural significance and value of these fish. They have held a special place in the cultures of the Pacific Northwest, particularly among Indigenous communities, where they have been celebrated for their abundance and importance as a food source.

From a recreational and commercial fishing perspective, Chinook Salmon are highly sought after due to their size and delicious flavor. Their size and fighting strength make them a prized catch among anglers, further reinforcing their reputation as the “King” of salmon.

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Chinook Salmon is renowned for its robust, buttery and mild flavor profile. It has a high oil content, which contributes to its rich taste and smooth texture.


The meat of Chinook Salmon is tender and flaky, making it a popular choice for grilling, baking and pan-searing.


The flesh of Chinook Salmon ranges from pale pink to deep orange, depending on the diet and region of the fish.