Fisherman's Market Canned Smoked Chinook Salmon and Smoked Albacore Tuna

premium canned tuna and salmon

Wild-caught by local fishermen

from the clear waters of the Pacific Northwest coast

Elegant, easy—and wildly affordable! Fisherman’s Market offers the perfect low-prep and last-minute dinner solution. Hand-packed or House-smoked canned salmon and tuna, which is ideal for preparing various healthy recipes all year round!

Caught by local fishermen, our canned fish get packed fresh to maintain the quality and flavor—the same as when caught that day. So now, people everywhere can enjoy a taste of the Pacific Coast’s freshest seafood without the hassle, time and travel!

All our canned fish products add an irresistible flavor twist to your inspired dishes!

Fisherman's Market Pasta Salad made with canned Albacore Tuna

Canned fish is perfect for a variety of healthy recipes, year-round!

A Flavorful Gift For Yourself Or Your Favorite Seafoodie

With multiple flavors to choose from, Fisherman’s Market canned specialty fish offers something for everyone. Our salmon and tuna are perfect for meal prep, picnics, camping trips, and quick dinners on the go.


Our house-smoked canned fish products get prepared in small batches with premium woods. The result is a smoky flavor with no added oils or water, making it ideal for eating all on its own or adding to salads, omelets, pasta dishes, or sandwiches.


For those who prefer non-smoked fish, our Fresh Packed canned fish products preserve the integrity and taste of freshly caught Pacific Northwest coast Fish.

Caught by traditional wild hook-and-line, supporting sustainable fishing

Fisherman's Market Canned Fish 3 pack Dinghy
Dinghy | 3 Pack
$37 at Fisherman’s Market
$55 Shipped

1 Can Each House-Smoked:

Chinook Salmon

Silver Salmon

Albacore Tuna

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Fisherman's Market Canned Fish 6 pack Bosun
Bosun | 6 Pack
$69 at Fisherman’s Market
$91 Shipped

1 Can Each House-Smoked and 1 Can Each Fresh Packed:

Chinook Salmon

Silver Salmo

Albacore Tuna

order shipped
Fisherman's Market Canned Fish 6 pack First mate
First Mate | 6 Pack
$74 at Fisherman’s Market
$96 Shipped

2 Cans Each House-Smoked:

Chinook Salmon

Silver Salmon

Albacore Tuna

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Fisherman's Market Canned Fish 12 pack Skipper
Skipper | 12 Pack
$139 at Fisherman’s Market
$165 Shipped

 2 Cans Each House-Smoked and 2 Cans Each Fresh Packed:

House-Smoked: Chinook Salmon, Silver Salmon and Albacore Tuna

Fresh Packed: Chinook Salmon, Silver Salmon and Albacore Tuna

order shipped

Wild Gift Sets

Canned salmon and tuna are delicious and make a wonderful gift—share it with your family or enjoy it yourself! With gift sets that include three, six, or twelve-packs and delivery available within the Continental United States, it’s a unique gift item for anyone who can’t make it to our area but still loves the taste of fresh Northwest seafood.

Bigger than Most Store-bought Cans

Net weight per can: Smoked: 6.5 oz; Fresh Packed: 7.75 oz

Supporting Sustainable Fishing

Wild caught by hook and line by pacific NW fishermen

A Fishermans Market Product

New look outside, same quality fish inside!

Individual cans of each variety available: $10—13

Shipping Available

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Pricing and availability subject to change

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Delivering A Taste Of Pacific Northwest Fish To Your Door

Our products are a perfect pantry staple for your busy family! Our canned fish contains no added water, oils, or preservatives and it’s good for you. In addition, our canned Tuna and Salmon offer a unique nutrition profile because it’s all-natural, wild-caught, prepared and packed with care.

Our canned fish products are larger than most store-bought cans. The individual net weight on our smoked items is 6 oz. Our fresh-packed fish is 7 ½ oz, 50% more than the “average” 5oz at many grocery stores.

Liven Up Your Dishes And Plates

If you’ve grown bored or tired of eating the same old meal night after night, why not add a little adventure? Whether you have a taste for a simple lunch or dinner, try our flavorful canned fish! Interesting recipes to explore include Tuna Melts, Salmon Chowder, Salmon Patties, Salmon Cracker Spread, Tuna Casserole and BBQ Tuna Fritters, to name a few.

No matter what you’re cooking up, Fisherman’s Market freshly canned fish products are sure to deliver a satisfying meal with hearty flavor every time!

Fisherman's Market Albacore Tuna Illustration

Albacore Tuna

Albacore is native to oceans all over the world, but the albacore we sell is caught right off the Oregon Coast by wild hook-and-line, supporting sustainable fishing. Yielding a mild, white meat that is high in protein with very little fat, albacore is a great source of heart-healthy Omega-3 fats. Canned albacore tuna from Fisherman’s Market is perfect for sandwiches, salads, casseroles and delicious appetizers.

Fisherman's Market King Chinook Salmon Illustration

Chinook Salmon

Ain’t No Nookie Like Chinookie! Rich in Omega-3s, Chinook salmon gets caught by traditional wild hook-and-line, supporting sustainable fishing practices. King salmon, as it’s sometimes called, is a hearty choice for salads and pasta. And, it’s even better as an entree served alongside rice pilaf or grilled asparagus. The prized Chinook salmon is a Pacific Coast specialty known for its firm texture and full flavor.

Fisherman's Market Coho Silver Salmon Illustration

Silver (Coho) Salmon

A richly flavored, firm-textured fish, Fisherman’s Market canned Silver (Coho) salmon is ideal for chowder, casseroles, and other dishes. Silver salmon sustains the most extensive run of coho globally, thriving in California’s cold Pacific waters, especially around southern Oregon and northern California. Silver salmon get canned while at peak flavor.

We Support Our Local Community

Our canned salmon and tuna are a labor of love from start to finish, from production to delivery:

We work with a tight-knit and established community of local fishermen in the Pacific Northwest to source our wild caught fish.

The catch makes a literal “pit” stop in Eugene, Oregon, where it gets smoked at our Market.

After prepping, the fish gets canned by a family-run micro-cannery in Charleston, Oregon.

Stop By The Fishermans Market

If you’re in the Eugene, Oregon area, we invite you to stop by our fresh fish and seafood market and restaurant location at 830 W. 7th Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97402, to experience everything the Fisherman’s Market has to offer firsthand!