Albacore Tuna

During their summer migration, Albacore feast on the abundant schools of anchovies and sardines in the coastal upwelling, which results in them being a healthy choice with a high nutritious oil content. This is the perfect time in their life cycle for local fishermen to bring in a catch.

Oregon Albacore, in particular, stands out as a premium choice due to their rich flavor and moist texture, attributes rarely found in larger albacore caught elsewhere around the globe. Oregon Albacore possesses the highest amount of beneficial Omega-3 oils among tuna varieties, making them exceptionally good for your health!

Albacore caught off the coast of Oregon is listed as Best Choice by the Monterey Seafood Watch, because the population is healthy and overfishing is unlikely. Feel good knowing you’re making the best choice for your family!

Canning Ready Tuna from Fisherman’s Market

Canning your own Albacore might sound like a messy task but when you buy canning ready tuna from Fisherman’s Market the Albacore is truly ready to can: no skin, no bones and no bloodlines! Our Mongers love nothing more than supplying canning-lovers with Omega-3 rich, quality, canning ready Albacore tuna.

For price and availability call us at (541) 484-CRAB, extension 3 to talk to a live Monger.

Fisherman's Market Canning Ready Albacore Tuna

Albacore is native to oceans all over the world,
but the albacore we sell is caught right off the Oregon Coast
by wild hook-and-line, supporting sustainable fishing.

Fisherman's Market Canning Prepping Mason Jars

Canning Albacore Tuna

Canning Albacore is easy and may be canned either pre-cooked or raw. For pre-cooked method, adding water or oil to jars is necessary (leaving 1-inch headspace). For processing raw tuna, there is no added fluid necessary—the tuna will produce its own healthy Omega-3 rich juices when canned. Whichever method you choose remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your pressure canner when processing.

For more information on how to safely process canned tuna, visit the National Center for Home Preservation.

Liven Up Your Dishes And Plates

Yielding a mild, white meat that is high in protein with very little fat, Albacore is a great source of heart-healthy Omega-3 fats.

Canned Albacore tuna is perfect for sandwiches, salads, casseroles and delicious appetizers. Try it in our Fisherman’s Kitchen Tuna Melt Recipe.

No matter what you’re cooking up, freshly canned tuna is sure to deliver a satisfying meal with hearty flavor every time!

“…thank you so much for the care and effort in getting us tuna in the desert.
It arrived in perfect shape and we had a blast processing it! Fisherman’s Market rocks!”

—Emily E., UT

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