Monger Manager Rob holding two live Alaskan King Crab at Fisherman's Market

Pictured: Fisherman’s Market General Manager holding live Alaskan King Crab outside of Fisherman’s Market

Alaskan Red King Crab

Live King Crab Headed to the Market on Thursday, 11/9

We are SOLD OUT of Alaskan King Crab

King Crab were gone in a snap—within minutes! We were flooded with orders that swiftly exceeded the 18 available King crabs we anticipate getting in on Thursday. We’ll reach out to confirm who will be lucky enough to get their claws on one. Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm for the King crabs!

Indulge in Royalty—King Crab, The Ultimate Delicacy

Live Alaskan Red King Crab will be making a rare appearance at Fisherman’s Market this Thursday, 11/9/23 (the last time they were available was 2019)! Alaskan Red King Crab is one of the most prized crabs in the world. Its exceptional taste, culinary versatility and limited availability contribute to its demand and popularity among Seafoodies.

The Red King Crab will be available at the Market thanks to Bill Prout, a fisherman from Kodiak, Alaska (and Oregon Ducks fan). Bill will be flying down from Alaska with the coveted crab on Thursday, November 9.

Prout is a close friend of Fisherman’s Market owner and commercial fisher, Ryan Rogers, and is excited to be in Oregon Duck-friendly territory as they prepare to trounce the University of Southern California’s Trojans on Saturday, November 11.

“I love watching a great Oregon Duck’s game, and any opportunity to get to Eugene is fantastic,” said Prout. “Alaskan Red King Crab and an Oregon game doesn’t get much better.”

It is only through Ryan’s connection to the fishing community that we are able to bring in Alaskan Red King Crab and Fisherman’s Market will be one of the few places on the West Coast to offer live King Crab!

“The Fisherman’s Market is very proud of our extensive relationships in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and goes to great lengths to bring exceptional seafood to our customers,” said Rogers. “This is an exceptional opportunity to see one of the great delicacies of the ocean.”

Live Alaskan King Crab on the deck of FV in Kodiak, Alaska

Pictured: Alaskan F/V Silver Spray crew with haul of Alaskan King Crab


Alaskan Red King Crab is known for its sweet, tender and succulent meat. The taste is often described as delicate, yet rich and buttery, with a hint of brininess from its natural oceanic habitat. Its meat is enjoyed both on its own and in various dishes due to its distinct and delicious flavor profile.


The texture of King Crab is firm yet tender, making it a highly sought-after and flavorful seafood delicacy.

It’s often compared to a blend of lobster and crab, with a slightly sweeter taste and a more robust texture.

size & color

 Red King Crabs overall appearance is somewhat formidable! They are one of the largest crustaceans, boasting long, spindly legs that are thick and powerful. Alaskan Kings can have a leg span of up to 5 feet! The have a vibrant color with a shell that is deep red or burgundy, often with a bluish tint.