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Love Me Some Fisherman’s Market…But What the Heck is Fisherman’s Kitchen?

Fisherman’s Kitchen is the creation of Ryan Rogers, Captain of the commercial Alaskan fishing vessel, The Cat-Bil-Lu and owner of Fisherman’s Market! After years of offering take and bake options to our Market customers, we’ve expanded our business and created Fisherman’s Kitchen!

Fisherman's Market Crab Mac and Cheese Take and Bake

Savory Crab Mac and Cheese Take and Bake

Seafood Take and Bake Meals

Many of our customer favorites, like our Lobster Mac and Cheese, Fisherman’s Lasagna and famous Cajun Crawfish Pie are available as take and bake meals from the freezer case at Fisherman’s Market. Shipping throughout the Continental US is available through our online store,

  • Oregon Shrimp Mac n’ Cheese: Oregon shrimp meat in a creamy cheese blend including cheddar and Havarti. Try it with our house Cajun Seasoning! 
  • Crab Mac n’ Cheese: Our creamy house-made crab mac is a customer favorite! Made with cheddar and Havarti cheese.
  • Langostino Lobster Mac n’ Cheese: An Oregon flair on a New England comfort food! Our langostino lobster mac is so rich, creamy and cheesy, all you’ll need is a simple green salad to serve alongside. Made with house smoked cheese
  • Cajun Crawfish Pie—Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: A celebration of flavor that combines crawfish, red and green bell peppers, tangy onions, tender potatoes with zesty spices, our Cajun Crawfish Pie is a comfort food crowd pleaser.
  • Our Irish Salmon Pie (also known as our Salmon Shepherd’s Pie) is made with house ground, wild-caught salmon with peas, carrots, corn and chorizo spice in a crispy and flakey pie crust topped with mashed potatoes and cheddar and jack cheese.
  • Salmon Chowder Pot Pie: Our famous Salmon Chowder in a flakey pot pie crust! 
  • Cedar Plank Salmon: A fillet of fresh, Oregon salmon ready for the grill or the oven! This wild-caught salmon is pre-seasoned and buttered and laid out on a cedar plank that’s both attractive and adds incredible flavor.
  • Fisherman’s Lasagna: Fresh, local Pasta Plus noodles layered with salmon burger, our house-made marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, spinach and mozzarella cheese. This healthier rendition of the classic dish is a popular special at the Market.
  • Burger Patties:
    • Salmon Burger: Made with wild-caught salmon. Available in Classic (gluten-free) and Hawaiian.
    • Halibut Burger: Made with wild-caught Halibut. Gluten-free
  • Smoked Salmon Ravioli: fresh, hand-made ravioli stuffed with house-smoked salmon, ricotta and cream cheese. Topped with a tomato cream sauce and fresh parmesan cheese.
  • Crab Cakes: made with crab meat, sweet bell peppers and seasoning.

Enjoy a collection of different seafood entrées and products each month! 

what’s in the box?
  • House-made Cajun Seasoning
  • House-smoked Sea Salt

Feelin’ Saucy?

We’ve taken some of our most popular dipping sauces and bottled them up for our customers to enjoy at home!

Fisherman's Market Bang Bang Sauce

Bang Bang | Gluten Free
A delicious sweet, spicy and smoky sauce with a blend of chilies, onion and smoked paprika.
Try it in our Shrimp Bang Bang Taquitos Recipe!

Fisherman's Market Bang Bang Sauce

Bombay Bomber Sauce | Gluten Free
A flavorful sauce with curry, onion & red bell pepper. 

Fisherman's Market Cajun Style Sauce

Cajun Style Sauce | Gluten Free
A zesty cajun style sauce with cayenne pepper, garlic and paprika. Great on fish tacos, burgers and as a substitute for mayo in your favorite recipe—try it in our featured Cajun Crab-Stuffed Deviled Eggs Recipe!


Fisherman's Market Bang Bang Sauce

Captain Dick’s Firecracker Cocktail Sauce | Gluten Free
A robust medley of horseradish and spices! A special sauce, in memory of Captain Dick Ramus, founder of the Fisherman’s Market in Eugene, Oregon. Ramus might have been a pirate in an earlier life. He loved his spicy Firecracker Cocktail Sauce and was always eager to share it with friends and customers. We too are eager and proud to share it with you. 

Mean Green Sauce | Gluten Free
A creamy mix of garlic, jalapeño and cilantro. Contains milk, so look for it in the refrigerated retail case!

Sambal Oelek Chili Sauce | Gluten Free
Spicy chili paste made with hot red peppers.

Sriracha Sauce | Gluten Free
Made with red jalapeños grown the USA, fresh garlic, vinegar, sugar and salt.

Fisherman's Market Poke Sauce and Marinade

Poke Sauce & Marinade
A delicious Hawaiian marinade and sauce made with ginger and cilantro. A perfect marinade for fish, shrimp, poke, Kuala pork, chicken and more! 

Fisherman's Market Tijuana Terror Sauce

Tijuana Terror | Gluten Free
A sweet and tangy medley of jalapeños and lime. Perfect with seafood and burgers—try it in our Spicy Guacamole Recipe!

Fisherman's Market Traditional Tartar Sauce

Traditional Tartar Sauce | Gluten Free
A customer favorite! A perfect blend of dill relish and capers—great on seafood and chicken dishes—try it in our featured Creamy Potato Salad Recipe! 

Where to find Fisherman’s Kitchen Sauces

Select varieties available at:

Fisherman's Market Bang Bang Sauce and Shrimp Taquitos

Try our sauces in your favorite recipe—or try ’em in ours! Check out our Bang Bang Shrimp Taquitos Fisherman’s Kitchen Recipe!

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